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Friday, December 23, 2005

Joe Ma Rescues Charmaine From Danger

Charmaine and Joe were filming Phoenix Quartet《鳳凰四重奏》at TVB studio. They were seen wearing old english costumes. The scene talk about Charmaine dreaming that she was a princess saved by brave prince Joe. They even provided a real white horse for the scene!

During filming, the director asked Joe to spin Charmaine around while unceasingly fend off the enemies with his sword. But whenever Joe hold Charmaine in his arms, Charmaine's bosom always hits into his chest (those corsets created a 'push-up' effect to her bosom). Seeing that whenever the camera stopped rolling, Charmaine will immediately covers her bosom, the reporters asked if there was any awkwardness between them. "It's common to have physical contact during filming, especially action scenes so there is no awkwardness. Everyone are just concerned about work!" (But you constantly covers your bosom?) "Of course I have to! There's so many cameras around!"

The reporters also asked her about the rumor that she has married Benny secretly in Thailand. Hearing that, Charmaine couldn't suppress her laughter: "No such thing, how can I get married in Thailand?" (Benny said if he get married he'll announce it?) "I don't know about him, but if I'm getting married of course I'll make it public, because I want to hold a wedding banquet!"

Meanwhile, Joe was jestingly asked if he felt "pressed" in the chest area. Joe replied: "I can only feel that my foot always got caught up with Charmaine's! I was busy concentrating with the sword's movement, therefore I didn't pay attention. (Any awkwardness?) "No. We are just following the instructions of the director."

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