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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Joey Yung - Big Winner Of Metro Showbiz Awards 05

The Metro Showbiz 2005 Award Ceremony was held last night, revealing the report card of the artists. Last night they gave out over a hundred awards, giving the artists their Christmas presents. This year's big winner goes to Joey Yung who received 7 awards last year; this year, she received 8 awards in total. Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, and Jay Chou got 5 awards each and Hacken Lee received 6 awards.

The ceremony began at 8:30 last night and each singer entered through the red carpet. Rumored enemies Joey and Denise Hocc accompanied each other through the red carpet. On stage, they stood with the third 'enemy' Miriam together. All three of them acted harmoniously, erasing all of the rumors about them. Also alot of the celebrities' family came to support like Eason's father, Joey's mother, Gillian's mother, Charlene's father, Hocc's parents, and Niki Chow's sister.

Before the ceremony started, they reviewed the group of newcomers. Joey received 8 awards last night including, 'Best Female Award', 'Asia Singer Big Award', 'Best Worldwide Song', and alot more. Kelly Chen, who didn't attend that night, recieved 4 and a half awards.

On the guys' side, even though Andy Lau was not present, he still received 5 awards. The fight between other male singers were also intense. Hacken receieved 6 awards, Eason, Leo, and Jay Chou, received 5 awards. Andy Lau, Eason, Leo, and Hacken receieved the Best Male Singer Award and Andy and Jay Chou received the Best Worldwide Singer Award. Andy Hui, who was granted the new 4 heavenly kings by Alan Tam, recieved nothing this year along with 'old lover' Sammi Cheng.

In the ceremony, a few pair of rumored couples were organized to recieve an award on the same stage together. Like Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Twins, and Juno Mak arrived on the stage together. Ronald acted generously and when he was on stage, he shook hands with Twins for congratulations. Twin's winning song was 《救生圈》. Ronald was very happy to win an award for his own song in 10 years.

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