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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Joey Yung To Work On TV Series Next Year

Joey Yung, who loves to sing karaoke, attended a karaoke bar opening on Monday night. Due to her saw throat, Joey did not dare to sing. At the ceremony, Joey said that her little brother has returned from school in Malaysia. As her little brother likes singing, Joey said that she has taken her brother to sing karaoke. Her brother sang for 3 hours non stop. Due to her sour throat, Joey had to sit there and make herself not sing. In the end, Joey had a stomach ache from drinking too much lemon tea.

It is said that Joey will be working on a television series next year. The director of the series, is Joey’s idol who she has admired since she was young. Joey said that the director told her to watch Michelle Pfeiffer and Meryl Streep movies. Joey said that if she does not do will on the series, she will never act again.

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