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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Joey's 3 Song Not Match For One Denise Song?

This year’s Chik Chak Award Ceremony will be held on this Sunday. There have been reports saying that Joey Yung has lost her gold place as ‘Best Female Singer’ to Denise Ho. To this issue, Joey said, “I am happy for her!”

Although Joey has 3 hit songs this year, 明日恩典, 天之驕女 and好事多為, it is no match for Denise’s song, 如無意外 , causing her to win the gold ‘Best Female Singer’ award. This is a surprise to many people. Yesterday, when attended the press conference for a charity, when asked to comment about Denise winning, she expressed that she does not know about it but if true, she is happy for Denise. Joey is happy that she has won 8 awards at ‘Metro’.

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