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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kenny's Poor Mandarin Causes Trouble

Yesterday, a press conference for the new movie, A Chinese Tall Story, was held in Beijing. The cast who attended the conference include, Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Chan Pak Lum, Steven Cheung, Kenny Kwan, Isabella Leung and Fan Bing Bing. There were over a hundred reporters at the conference. On the stage, the cast talked about their character in the movie. Kenny, who cannot speak mandarin well, instead of saying his character in the movie was, Sha Seng (a monk?), he said ‘Sa Sheng’ (meaning to take someone’s life). The host of the conference even mixed Steven and Kenny’s names up, making the two very embarrassed.

When arriving at Beijing, Kenny and Steven realised that their luggage had not boarded the plane with them and were still in Hong Kong. Kenny said, “The luggage had the clothes I would be wearing for the premier and promotion. There was also a suit that is worth $10 000, a $3000 leather shoes, there is also food! Some of the clothes in Steven’s luggage were borrowed. There were $30 000 worth of goods in our luggage all together! (Will you investigate?) I don’t know how to! Luckily, most of the precious items were with us. But the airline has promised to bring the bags in the next plane to Beijing. The director says if the clothes do not get here in time, I will were the costumes from the movie. Nicholas told me to go naked. But I said that I did not want to steal the spotlight!”

On the other hand, Charlene said that the mainland version of the movie, will not have her real voice. Charlene has only been promoting the movie in Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing because her time is limited due to the concert rehearsals. Besides promoting this movie, Nicholas has also been promoting his other movie, The Promise and his album. Due to how busy he is, Nicholas said humorously that he will get schizophrenia. Nicholas said, “This month, I will have to promote at 27 places. This is the 17th place. After Beijing I will have to go to Chengdu, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Changsha and then back to Hong Kong to film ‘龍虎門’ and then back the Changsha to reciprocal. (How will u rest?) In the car!” Nicholas hopes that his two movies, ‘A Chinese Tall Story’ and ‘The Promise’ will be able to beat ‘King Kong’ in the box office.

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