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Monday, December 26, 2005

Lam Fung: Spending Christmas Alone

This christmas, let's look forward to 'money'! 'Normal' people like us will wonder how the rich spend Christmas, and exactly how grand it will be. Going overseas on a skiing trip? Exchanging presents that cost thousands each? Or booking a whole restaurant to celebrate Christmas with family and friends? I (the reporter) chose to do this interview with Lam Fung, simply because he's wealthy enough.

Coming from a wealthy Lam family - with a wealthy businessman dad, a granddad who's in politics - and living in a midlands mansion, driving a sports car, wearing designer goods... more importantly when the weather is cold, he can coop into his mansion's large thermal swimming pool (!!). He has all the privilleges of the 'upper-class' people. Who else makes a better candidate for this interview?

"I haven't celebrated Christmas for a long time... I've even forgotten what goes into a Christmas dinner!" he said disappointedly. "Piang!" was what he said destroyed the main aim of the interview, and also destroyed my desire to bring to readers what a 'Grand Christmas' is like.

"I do wish to be like you all; to walk on the streets and experience the Christmas spirit; to look at the lightings, the people, and the decorations in the shopping malls..." he looked at me and smiled. His desire for that sort of Christmas far exceeded my desire to find out how a 'rich people' christmas was like. Do we envy this Lam Fung?

Feeling Different
He cannot remember which year was it that he had his most memorable Christmas in his life, till his age now at 26.
"I was only 10 then, and my family and I went to Tsim Sha Tsui. We strolled and looked at the Christmas decorations. Did u know, HK's street is the world's only place with a one way pedestrian walkway? My family and I, while walking in the crowd, admired the decorations. I was really happy because there was this family happiness. It was really heartwarming," Fung said excitedly. Fung described the scene to me in much detail, with alot of hand movements. It was as if he had returned to that day, and every detail, situation and scene was described well. Well, this Christmas that has been in his heart for so long has not faded yet. It is still as colorful.

After entering the entertainment circle at 18, everything has changed. He said, "Now almost every Christmas is spent working. When I look at my schedules for December, I always have to be filming a serial. So, I haven't celebrated Christmas in a long time. Even though I do not have any serials to film this Christmas, and I very much look forward to spending it with my family and friends, I think my manager is getting more jobs for me... so I have no choice..." Fung said that he is not really disappointed at this arrangement, because he's already used to it and has prepared himself mentally. "I've only had once when work ended early on Christmas Eve, so we rushed to celebrate with friends. That was good enough for me," Fung said with a smile. Fung said frankly, being an artiste has destroyed his chances of having a good Christmas. "Even if I ignore people's stares and have a walk with my family again, even if the people do not look at me pointedly, that kind of feeling is never the same again" (This is quite sad!! )

Living Alone
Actually, living in a big house is not necessarily good news. As I listened to his fading Christmases, I suddenly remember that he still had a family full of warmth to return to. I suggested, "You can always go and have a Christmas feast with your family after you finish your work!"

"I have always been living alone... because my dad's business is based in China, he lives there.. so my mom and younger brother moved there too. My younger sister is in the University there, while my brother is in secondary school, so it's easier for my mom to take care of them. Our house in Hong Kong has only me left..." he said.

Aaahh....? (the reporter said)

So, Fung said his life is not as colourful and exciting as others make it out to be and envy him for.
"There was once when I woke up in the middle of the night from my sleep suddenly. I looked all around and realised there was not a single soul in sight. That was then that I realised I felt very empty..." (I felt so heartbroken for him at his point of time!!)

"So what happened after that?" I (the reporter) asked.

"After that, I went to look at my dog and played with her for a while. Then I went to make myself a cup of milk.. Then I went to sleep. Ahhahh." That night was unforgettable for Fung, because he came face to face with loneliness. (Oh man!)

So if given a choice to give someone a present, Fung will choose to give it to his family. And this gift will be to have a reunion and have a great Christmas feast. "Simplicity is beauty. I think this is the only present they want, because we really have very little chances to meet up," he said.

Even though everyone wants to drive a sports car, live in a mansion and wear designer goods like Fung, isn't it better to live in a crowded flat with a simple life like us? Something that Fung wishes for? It's the mere idea of 'to each is his own delight' (?? Something like... Fung thinks they are doing well, they think Fung is doing well).

Lastly: A Well-Wishing Phrase Is Enough
Upon asking him what Christmas present he wants to receive, he said that a well-wishing phrase is enough. "I really hope that the audience can say something like 'Keep up the good work' to me, because this is the best encouragement I can get on a Christmas which I have to work on," he said. I (reporter) understand, because as a reporter, I have to work even on public holidays.
He added, "This is also because I am not missing anything in my life. Only my soul needs some sort of encouragement to fill it. Thus, words of encouragement or anything else to heal my soul is very important to me."

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