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Monday, December 26, 2005

Leehom Rested On A Young Man?

That can't be it. Leehom fell asleep on a young man's body in public! On one of the pages in Leehom's Xin Zhong De Re Yue Music Script, there is a picture where Leehom was resting on a cute young man's body and fell asleep. Leehom slept well and seems like he felt safe, so who's this young man? Reading carefully, we realise that that cute young boy is Leehom's younger brother Wang Lee Kai.

Leehom's parents are both very successful. Leehom' father is a doctor and his mother a teacher. All three of the Wang's sons are great too. The elder brother is a Harvard Medical School graduate who married another Harvard Graduated doctor. Leehom graduated from a great arts university and Lee Kai is now studying in MIT. Leehom says "Only my younger brother has an IQ higher than I do."

Leehom says, he is older than his younger brother by 9 years and loves him dearly. When he went to Shangri-La, he took Lee Kai with him. Throughout the journey they took care of each other and supported each other and took many beautiful photos.

Wang Lee Kai is only 20 years old, however he has written 2 pages in Leehom's music script and talked about the brotherhood between him and Leehom. From his writing, we can tell how much he adores his brother.

Lee Kai wrote (was written in English and translated into Chinese, now re-translated back into English) "When I'm with Leehom, whether we are somewhere close to home say in Manhattan, or we are all the way in Europe say Greece, people recognises him. I know sometimes Leehom wants to have his private space and be able enjoy going to watch a movie, buy a book or a CD just like everyone else. He wants to be able to go out for a walk outside with a girl and not have to worry whether their photos will be published on tomorrow's newspaper."

Lee Kai wrote "If you ask me what is the thing I most want to learn off Leehom, I would say I want to be able to do everything with the passion and determination he has".

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