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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Leo Ku Makes Friends With Lee Young Ah

On Wednesday, Leo Ku attended a charity dinner and performed his songs, ‘Genius and Idiot’, ‘Really Want’ and ‘Love and Honesty’. His performance of ‘Really Want’ was dedicated to Korean star, Lee Young Ah because he likes watching the television drama, Jewel in the Palace. At the dinner, a little girl wearing traditional Korean clothes walked pass Leo. Leo thought the girl looked like Cecilia Cheung so he requested to take a photo with her while hugging the little cutie.

In the backstage, Leo bumped into Lee Young Ah. They were introduced by a worker. During the introduction, the worker said that Leo was the Hong Kong recipient of the ‘Outstanding Youth Award’ and had just sang a song dedicated her, Lee Young Ah was extremely happy to meet Leo. When Leo asked Lee Young Ah when will she be going to Hong Kong, she revealed that she would be in Hong Kong on Friday and will be attending a function with him! This made Leo very happy. Lee Young Ah asked Leo to come to Korea to visit her some day.

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