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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Linda's New Look For An Ad

Recently promoted by TVB, rising star Linda Chung has seen her popularity rise also after the airing of Always Ready. Her role in the show of a gentle yet steely girl has caught the eye of an advertiser, who decided to cast Linda in an ad they were filming for Christmas.

Linda first made gained recognition in Virtues of Harmony, but it was really her role in AR that gained her popularity. A former MCI, this year had really been Linda’s year. Her serials have been released one after another, and she is also now being promoted by TVB.

In the ad, the ever-gentle Linda undergoes an image makeover with a new look. She said, “Because I am always in a uniform for AR, my image in the show has sort of been hard and unyielding. But for this ad, they have designed a look that is determined, yet elegant.”

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Sing Tao & Ming Pao Daily


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