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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Louis Plays With Dogs & Neglects Female Partner

Yesterday Louis Koo especially went to Thailand to film for a new set of Pepsi comercials. To match the Christmas spirit, the director especially closed down the streets for two weeks and filled the streets with stores. He also invited 300 temporary actors and golden retriever dogs as guest 'performers'. Louis, who loves dogs, was always teasing and playing with the dog during the filming process, neglecting the 15 year old female lead. Louis said, "In the comercial, the dog and I will meet the girl that we like. (Were you successful?) Of course I'm not that bad."

Louis will also be singing the themesong 《藍色緣份》, he said, "This is my first time cooperating with Keith Chan. I usually don't like to talk that much, but when we were at the recording process, I couldn't stop talking."

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