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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mandy Chiang's Great Grandmother Had Passed Away

Yesterday Don Li and Mandy Chiang was at their new album's autograph session, but Mandy is found to be sad as her grandmother had died. But she didn't want to affect her work, so her only choice was to temporarily put everything at the back of her head.

After the function, they had received an interview and Mandy expressed that her beloved great grandmother had past away yesterday. Because of sadness, she had been messing up on everything. But she didn't want her friends to worry, so she tried to hold it back as best as possible. She said, "She went into the hospital at the end of last month. She wanted to live until next year so she could see me release a new album and recieve an award in the award ceremonies. But it's a pity that she left me after only seeing me release an album. I'm really sad, but I think she wouldn't want me to cry so I will hold it back!"

During the function, the host requested Don and Mandy to imitate a bunch of kid dancers in Latin dance. But their imitations had caused everyone to laugh instead. Don said, "My butt hurts, maybe I had sprained. I think I have done it, but Mandy just couldn't follow along. I hope next time I can do even harder dances for everyone to see!"

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