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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Melissa Ng Decides To Accept 'Tai Chi' Role

After Kenix Kwok turned down 'Tai Chi' for various reasons, Melissa Ng is now accepting the role. Melissa, who had just returned to Hong Kong from Beijing recieved a radio interview yesterday and announced that she has accepted the role for Tai Chi. She expressed that before she had turned down the role since she was filming three series one after another so she felt really tired. She asked TVB for a long break to return to America to visit her family so she turned down TVB's requests for her.

But TVB was not willing to give up and the producer explained the story line in details to her again. She saw the the female character in the series is challenging, along with the other experienced actors. Seeing that TVB agreed to let her start filming after her vacation, she was extremely moved and decided to accept the role.

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