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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Metro Hit Awards 2005 Results Cont'd....

Hit Newcomer Kings/Queens: Janice Wei, Ivana Wong, Kenny Kwan, Justin Lo, Soler, Ranie Yeung

Hit Female Newcomer: Niki Chow, 贾立怡, Toby Leung

Hit Male Newcomer: Charles Ying, Louis Cheng, Eugene Yip

Hit Group Newcomer: Don & Mandy, Krusty

Hit Foreign Newcomer: Gia Lin, Elise Liu, Wang Qi-wan

Hit Karaoke Song: Big Brother- Janice Wei, What What- Ella Koon, Woman of Integrity- Miriam Yeung, Rascal- Ronald Cheng, Blue Shoes- Stephy Tang, Don’t Blame Her- Ron Ng, Little Black and Me- Fiona Sit

Hit Duet- Cannot Have No Friend- Cream and Banana Group, A Date to Disney Land- Kelly Chen and Kellyjackie, Self Deception- Alex Fong and Theresa Fu

Hit Self Composed Song: Sentiment- Andy Lau, Tomorrow’s Kindness- Joey Yung, Said it Right- Yan Ng, Brand Name- Shawn Yue, Blessings- Hins Cheung, Chinese Town Submerged- Endy Chow

Hit Album: The Party- Dart Ming Yut Pai, U87- Eason Chan, Star Track- Leo Ku, Hacken Lee Concert Hall- Hacken Lee

Hit Composed Album: November Chopin- Jay Chou

Hit Mandarin Song: Night Song- Jay Chou, Children’s Story- Michael Guang, Disappear- South Hit Mother

Hit Mandarin Singer: Michael Guang, 罗志祥

Hit Mandarin Group: May Sky and South Hit Mother

Hit New Generation Composer: Justin Lo, Ivana Wong

Hit Composer: Hacken Lee, Denise Ho

Hit Popular Singer: Stephy Tang, Fiona Sit, Ronald Cheng

Hit Female Singer: Denise Ho, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung

Hit Male Singer: Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee

Hit Asia Female Singer: Kelly Chen, Joey Yung

Hit Most Played Song: Genius and Idiot- Leo Ku

Hit Country’s Singer: Kelly Chen, Jay Chou, Chris Lee

Hit Country’s Group: Twins

Hit Country’s Newcomer: Chris Lee

World’s Hit Stage Performer: Joey Yung

World’s Hit Singer: Andy Lau, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Jay Chou

World’s Hit Composer Singer: Jay Chou

World’s Hit Song: Tomorrow’s Kindness- Joey Yung

Hit Most Admired Female Singer: Joey Yung

Hit Most Admired Male Singer: Hacken Lee

Hit Most Admired Group: Twins

Hit Most Admired Song: Empty Boasting- Eason Chan

4 Stage Music Performance Award: Fiona Sit (Gold), Wilfred Lau (Silver), Ivana Wong (Bronze)

Hit Dance Song: Dadada- Isabella Leung, Changing Love- Ye Min Fei, Long Love- Stephanie Cheng, Looking at the World- Jolie Chan, 霎眼娇- Vangie Tang, New World- 2R

Hit Dance Sing Performer: 罗志祥

Hit Internet Song: Mice Love Rice- Wang Qi-wan

Country’s Hit Popular Singer: Chris Lee, 周筆暢, 何洁

Hit Award’s 15 Anniversary Singer: Andy Lau

Hit Award’s 15 Anniversary Breakthrough Singer: Alex Fong

Hit Songs (Not in order): 化蝶 – Denise Ho, 我們- Grasshoppers, 明日恩典- Joey Yung, 越唱越強- Joey Yung, 救生圈- Twins, 阿拉伯市場- Yumiko Cheng, 南方舞廳- Dat Ming Yut Pai, 感覺蘇豪- Deep Ng, 繼續談情- Andy Lau, 夕陽無限好- Eason Chan, 浮誇- Eason Chan, 希望- Kelly Chen, 戰友- Wilfred Lau, 天才與白痴- Leo Ku, 勁歌金曲- Leo Ku, 烈女- Miriam Yeung, ABC君- Alex Fong, 無賴- Ronald Cheng, 雌雄同體- Juno Mak, 情非首爾- Hacken Lee, 佳節- Hacken Lee

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