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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Michelle vs. Pinky - The Battle Continues

While filming Central Affairs, there were lots of rumours going on about disagreements between the four actresses – Michelle Ye, Pinky Cheung, Zuki Lee and Miriam Leung. Although the initial rumour had it that it was the lead actresses (Michelle and Pinky) vs. the supporting actresses (Zuki and Miriam), last night, the three actresses, minus Pinky, were snapped having a cosy dinner, so it seems that it is the three ladies vs. Pinky instead.

The reporter first spotted Miriam and Zuki at a seafood restaurant at the New World Trade Centre. After Michelle joined them, they ordered steaks and red wine, and shared dessert later, with the meal lasting 2½ hours. When asked why Pinky was not around, Michelle said, “I did call Pinky but she said she could not come.” Zuki said that they were all around Tsimshatsui that evening, so it made it easier for them to meet for supper.

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The Sun


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