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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Michelle Wears No Makeup In New Movie

Recently, Michelle Ye’s popularity has been rapidly growing. Besides having 2 of her series airing in Hong Kong, her first movie, Moonlight in Tokyo, will be out in cinemas in Christmas. The male leads of this movie are awarding winning actor, Leon Lai and Chapman To. In this movie, Michelle does not wear revealing or pretty clothes or makeup! Michelle says, “I hope the public will accept me without makeup!”

The director of this movie was the one who wanted Michelle not to wear makeup and hopes that Michelle will be like Maggie Cheung in the movie, As Tears Go By. Michelle says, “In the entire movie I do not wear makeup because of the personality of my character. I hope people will like the feel. (Do you mind not wearing makeup?) Of course not! I hope to potray my character to the best of my ability.”

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