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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Michelle Ye: Sacrifice For The Sake Of Art

The temperature that night was down to ten degrees that night, yet Michelle Ye wasn't the least bit afraid of the bitter cold; she put on a Christian Dior ball gown, valuing at about $30,000HK and started the interview on the roof of a forty six story building in WanZai. Looking at the beautiful night sky, Michelle stated her first sentence, "Central is right under my feet." She then expressed that while she was young and living in HangZhou, she watched a TVB series, "Looking Back In Anger", she said, "At that time, I saw how beautiful Hong Kong really is and hoped that one day, I'll be able to step foot in HK, and now here I am."

Asking Michelle whether she already had a sense of vanity during her childhood, she straightforwardly admitted, "Yes, I did, and I don't think it's such a big issue either. Vanity can represent of one's desire to do better, and giving your life a standard to reach. Hoping to live a good life isn't some kind of fault either. When you have no food on the table, you wouldn't be saying that you're just aloof from all worldly affairs; if one does express himself/herself that way, then perhaps he/she just wants a staircase to get off the stage with; hence, wouldn't that be an even more fake performance?" Michelle has been using a sexy image after entering the showbiz, and showing off what she was born with; asking if she minds that people often put their focus on her body? Michelle responded, "Being an artist, there are three things that you could be selling to the audience, which are voice, appearance, and acting. So if some of the audience would like focus on how I appear with my figure, I wouldn't mind."

Michelle expressed that she could even sacrifice for the sake of art, she said, "If in the future, a character that I'm playing require for me to change my figure, no matter whether it's gaining weight to a big, bucket-like stomach, or slimming down to a snake's waists, or having to have a complete make-over, perhaps even plastic surgery; I will accept it, but only under a few circumstances, which is the plot really needs to have such a need, safety has to be number one and if it's worth for me to do it, I will do it, because actors/actresses are just like a batter of flour; they can be rounded off or pressed down flat by the director."

Even though working in the showbiz is labourious, but Michelle still blesses her parents for giving her a face that's good enough for the camera, giving her the qualitities to be an artist; therefore, as she earns money, she will share it with her family. Recently, Michelle used $300, 000HK to buy her mom a new car in HangZhou, and also used $1,000,000HK to buy a new house for her grandparents to enjoy their senior years, she said, "I'm planning to earn more money, so in the future, I'll have abilities to send my half-brother overseas for his studies, hoping that he can see more of the world." Besides her family, people who know Michelle personally will know that she has a thing for sticking up for her friends; it was said that earlier, a friend of hers had a financial problem and Michelle immediately lent a few hundred thousands out for her friend to solve the problem, she said, "I know earning the money is hard, but my friend really did need it. I thought it through carefully, and concluded that I needed to give support to this friend, so I've prepared myself knowing that I might not get the money back."

In the six years of her acting career, Michelle gradually understood the rules of the game, and knows very well that there is no such flower that can stay red for a hundred days, so she has thought about going towards the business world. Michelles said, "The outer appearance of a female actress will fade away as aging comes around the corner. It's very easy for an artist to be affected for little issues. Being businessperson could be better, because it's based on your creativity; you can have many ways to expand your horizon." Michelle hopes that in 3 -5 years, she'll step towards the business world.

Standing on the roof of the forty six story building, thinking back to the suiciding scene that Michelle did in the series, "Central Affairs", an artist really does have to put up with a lot of pressure. Asking if she ever had the thought of suiciding? Michelle suddenly lowered her voice and answered, "Yes, it was about half a year ago. I had been dating a guy who worked with financial dealings, but we ended up breaking up because of a third party. At that time, I was very sad; it was a moment of bitter emotions. I was at home alone, and suddenly, I wanted to pick up a knife and slit my wrist. It was fortunate that a friend suddenly showed up; I didn't want my friend to get involved, and I don't want to bear the pain, so I distinguished the thought."

Michelle frankly expressed that she could give up anything for romance, even her life. She continued, "I admired the guy a lot; he was very talented, but I then discovered that he was dating another girl at the same time; the girl was also pregnant. He wanted to get back together with me, so he sent me flowers everyday and knelt for my forgiveness. At that time, I felt my heart soften up, but logically, I reminded myself that if a man bends his sense of loyalty once; you cannot trust him another time. I refused the reunion in the end." So did the guy end up with the third party? Michelle answered, "I later on heard that he broke up with the third party, and the girl had an abortion." Up until now, her ex-boyfriend still wants to get back together with Michelle, she said, "My outlook on love only has black and white, never a shade of gray." Asking if Michelle's emotions from breaking up has balanced out yet? She replied, "I temporarily don't want to think about it yet. Having meet up with someone you actually like is really depended on fate. You can meet up with one, but never can you force it happen." From the consoling of friends, Michelle has understood that suicide won't solve any problems, and she uses the chance to request for everyone to cherish their lives.

Michelle had been raised in a broken up family. Her parents separated and she immigrated to America from HangZhou with her dad while she was eleven. She expressed that it was the turning point of her life. After immigrating, Michelle's parents have both gotten married again; each had a son of their own. Towards these two brothers, Michelle treats them as if they were partners, caring for them dearly. Michelle said, "Even though I was very unhappy when I was young, my relationship with my parents also wasn't very good, but as a person grows up, I've noticed that the only people who won't betray you and treat you the best has to be your closest family. Gradually, our relationships have gotten closer, and I started to understand them more." But as Michelle's dad started to bring his business back to HangZhou from America, his second marriage has started to damage once again. Michelle expressed that she's taking high caution of how her dad and stepmother's modds and emotions are like, she said, "I often make long distance calls to console my stepmother, and my dad has started to like doing social dance. Once I went back to HangZhou to dance with him, even though he has problems with his marriage again and I can't offer much help; I only hope that his life is going on happily."

[X] credit: RM Daily


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