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Friday, December 23, 2005

MingPao Special: Bosco Wong As Santa Claus

This year's Christmas has been quite chilly, but seeing handsome Bosco Wong dressing up as Santa will warm your heart. If you see a young handsome Santa like that, it would be one of the best Christmas gifts.

First time dressing up as Santa, Bosco expressed that he has never thought of being Santa himself. After trying on the costume, he had extreme interest of being Santa. What would he do if he is Santa? Bosco said, "I had believed that Santa did exist when I was little because my mother had told me to put the stockings up and the next morning, there really were presents. But of course after a few years, I know that the presents were placed by my mom. But I thank my mom for giving me such a beautiful childhood."

Buying an apartment to enjoy with family.
Santa Claus has brought him happiness in his childhood so he hopes that he can be Santa and give presents to poor children and orphans. And what would be like to give himself? Bosco said, "I want to buy an apartment to enjoy with my family the most. About work, I hope I would be able to film series in mainland and have chances to film movies and comercials. Earning alot of money will fulfill my industry plan." Having alot of wishes, Bosco expressed that one desire leads to another desire. He thanks TVB for giving him alot of filming chances and the Most Improved Actor Award. It helped him get more popular so he will continue to work hard so TVB will give him even more chances.

Work kicks away the rumors.
Rumored girlfriend of Bosco, Myolie Wu, has been said to be holding a Christmas party and Boso was asked whether he will be attending. He explained that he has to work on Christmas and might not have the chance to attend. But if Liza Wang attends, he can celebrate on Christmas Eve with Michael Miu and others, but he has not mentioned rumored girlfriend Myolie. He expressed that work is his first priority right now and does not want to have a relationship at this point. He doesn't want to be known for his rumors and hopes that he will recieve alot of appreciation for his series, and having more development chances.

Bosco also said that if you date someone, you must earn enough money so your future wife will be comfortable. Right now he has the ability to take care of his parents. He can accomplish his mom's wishes, like hoping for Osim products. Earlier Bosco would always exchange cars, but as he grew more mature, he understands life and would save up the money for future uses.

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