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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Miriam, Joey & Denise Chatting On MSN

There have been reports recently, stating that Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung are enemies with Denise Ho. It is said that Joey changed her phone number to avoid Denise while Miriam broke the friendship between Joey and Denise. Yesterday, Joey and Denise attended a function together. The two did not take photos with one another and left the function one after the other.

Commenting on the rumours, Joey said the story is growing into a series. The ‘series’ is currently up to chapter 27 and Joey believes that it will soon have an ending. Joey stated that the rumours will not affect their relationships. Joey said that earlier, they gave their MSN to each other and is now always chatting on the net. Joey laughed at the rumour about her changing her number and said that she actually moved houses to ‘avoid’ Denise. Joey is currently worrying about her health and not about the awards.

When Denis arrived at the function yesterday, Joey left soon after. Denise laughed and said, “She’s avoiding me!” When talking about Joey moving houses, Denise said that she did not know where Joey lived and that friendship cannot be forced.

[X] credit: angelic_eyes25 @ Takungpao


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