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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Myolie Accidentally Calls Liza Mother-In-Law

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Liza Wang, Sammul Chan, and a bunch of WRTL actors attended a Christmas function. Liza said jokingly on stage to Myolie, "Myolie, did you invite my son (Bosco Wong) out?" She also didn't let go off Sammul and said, "Who did you invite and sms?" Myolie felt helpless and even accidentally called Liza mother-in-law.

Afterwards Myolie said, "I'm not mad that I called her that. I was used to calling her that before so now I can't stop it. Now I should call her 'lawyer mom'. (Liza earlier said that you and Bosco match really well!) She's right! We are a pair of onscreen couple!" Liza expressed that she has not asked Myolie about her rumors, she said, "It's her personal matter so there's no need to, she's already a big girl now." Their ratings for their new series have been average but Liza and Myolie are not still not disappointed.

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