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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Myolie Hopes To Earn Money From Her Future Wedding

Myolie Wu is continuing her contract with a wedding company and yesterday she was at a contract signing function, which will increase her pay from her last one. The photographer helped her take family and self photos and realized that she looks very pretty.

When taking the wedding photos, Myolie had cooperated with a Japanese male model. Lui On-Lei had told everyone that they had flirted with each other when they exchanged numbers. Myolie denied that and she became a bit awkward when they had to be husband and wife. Myolie trusts the photographer and said she doesn't mind taking bikini photoshoots. It will be quite funny to look back at the photos when she gets older so she knows she was hot at one point of life! Myolie also expressed that she hopes for a fairytale-like wedding in the future and having the banquet for a few days. She joked, "I heard you can earn money from the banquets so it will be good if it's a few days long." Starting in January, she will be going to places like Kunming and Yunnan to film for 'Tai Chi'. She was afraid she will get sick so she is currently excercising to keep up her good health.

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