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Monday, December 26, 2005

Myolie Likes Guys That Play The Piano

Myolie Wu and Matthew Ko were amongst the judges for a Hong Kong Piano Prodigy Competition 《全港鋼琴演奏新秀賽決賽》. Although she cannot play the piano, she professes her admiration for guys who can play. Although Matthew has a Grade 10 certificate, she said that she had no “feelings” for him (because he was too 'gentle'), but if it was Jay Chou, it would be a different case altogether.

As to how she spent her Christmas Eve, she said that she was a cashier at a friend’s souvenir shop. When asked if she had gone out with rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, she replied, “Of course not! I was busy helping out at my friend’s shop. The customers had all wanted to take photos with me, and the boss decided that only customers that spent $500 and above would be able to do so. But I had a happy Christmas!”

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