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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Myolie: No feelings Towards Bosco

Myolie yesterday participated in a radio interview, when asked which guy does she like to hug the most? Myolie answered with Andy Lau and David Tao.

Myolie said, "I believe everyone wants to hug Andy, because he is classic with superb style; as for David, it would be best for him to hug me with one hand, and play the guitar on the other, I would be head over heels." Asked if she would like to hug Bosco? Myolie smiled and denied, and mentioned the fact that her ideal boyfriend requires to have tons of style and knows how to sing. Despite keeping a distance from Bosco, yesterday, a certain magazine suggested that Bosco used over 600 text messages to capture her heart, Myolie heard and smiled, "What is written in magazine cannot be trusted entirely. (Have you received 600 text messages?) I haven't counted, however, we do talk to each other on the phone and exchanging text messages, I think it's normal being friends with one another. (Has he captured your heard?) No way! Not that easy."

When asked if there is a chance for the two of them to become a couple? Myolie said that Bosco is a wonderful colleague, but she does not have time to build on any loving relationship, because both are simply too busy, and she does not have feelings for Bosco. However, is Bosco at the top of your list? Myolie insisted that there are many things she look for in a boyfriend, and did take the time to see if Bosco matches with her criteria.

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