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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Myolie Wins The TV Actress Award With The Most Votes

Myolie Wu lost out to Liza Wang in the Anniversary Show, but yesterday, she was won the online “TV Female Actress” Award after receiving the most number of votes from fans.

At the Yahoo! Search for the Stars 2005 awards ceremony 《Yahoo!搜尋人氣大獎2005》 at Tsimshatsui yesterday, the attendees included Ron Ng, Kenny, Janice, Isabella, Alex, Theresa and Stephy. However the winners for the “Local Male Actor” Andy Lau and the “Loval Female Singer” Miriam Yeung and Joey Yeung were not present.

Myolie attended the ceremony in a low-cut gown, cutting quite a figure! As to her defeating all the other fa dans for the award, she said, “I’d rather not say so much. Maybe it’s because I had a lot of serials out this year. However, I’m very happy to receive the award, and since this is such a “small” award, consider it that they allowed me to win lor!”

For Ron, happiness was raining on him yesterday with his win for the “TV Male Actor” and his release of his EP. When asked to comment about his colleague, Niki Chow, who has been receiving boos recently at the functions she attends, he said, “she should consider this as an experience as artistes will not receive support from everyone forever.”

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