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Friday, December 02, 2005

Nancy Wu Happy That Deep Ng is Claimed Innocent

Deep Ng was recently been claimed innocent of hurting someone and has been released. Deep's rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu, expressed that she is relaxed now that it is over and hopes that he will be able to go 'big' in the showbiz.

Nancy trusts good friend Deep and said, "The most important is him doing good. I think he has potential, sings good, has a good heart, and is very hard working. He will definately be recognized by someone one day. He is a very strong person so this shouldn't affect his work." When asked whether she had sent Deep a text message for encouragement, she said, "I've already known him for a long time, he knows how I feel. I think there's no need!"

Nancy once again clarified that she did not go out with Deep. When asked about her requirements, she said "I think it doesn't matter whether it's in the showbiz or not. The most important is that he is nice, respectful to the family, and is comptatible with me."

[X] credit: xbunnylicious


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