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Friday, December 23, 2005

Niki Chow Beats Ekin When Playing Racing Games

Yesterday Niki Chow, Ella Koon, and the three hosts Sam, Bob, and Ben attended a 'game lovers' reporters function. Niki expressed that she loves racing games the most. During one time when she was playing with Ekin Cheng, she had actually won two races. Ekin then wouldn't play anymore and said to her, "We will have a second round next time."

Also when she was at a newcomers radio function, she was late for 5 minutes. She explained, "You have alot of work to do when you are a newcomer and the times are so packed. (Very tiring?) No. The more, the happier." During one event, the host asked if anyone knows Jacky Cheung's real age. Niki immediately answer 48. but Jacky is actually 44 years old, causing the whole crowd to laugh. Afterwards, Niki said, "The singers in the backrow gave me the wrong hints. I know Jacky will not me mad."

Moreover, Ella expressed that she loves 'killing' games, she said, "I am very good at those games. These games have alot of elements to it like killing people and stealing money."
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