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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Niki Chow Gets Touched By A Crazy Fan

Yesterday when Niki Chow was at a function, a crazy male fan gave her two cans of soda, two rolls of toilet paper, and touched Niki's chest my accident. That caused Niki to scream and cover her chest with both hands.
Yesterday a bunch of newcomers including Niki, Janice, Charles Ying, Ivana Wong, Soler, Justin, Eugene Yip, and others attended a Christmas function, attacting a huge crowd of fans attending. When Niki went near the gate to sign names for fans, a middle-aged man suddenly patted her. Niki screamed out loud, covered her chest with her hands, and quickly went back to the stage.

Afterwards Janice was seen carrying a plastic bag with two rolls of tissue and two cans of soda. Janice expressed that the male fan wanted her to give this to Niki, causing Niki to laugh out loud. Niki laughed and said, "I can't help but laugh when I see this fan. He had patted and it also felt like he had bumped into my chest so I used my hands to protect my chest. But maybe it could of been his two cans of soda that bumped into me." The reporters even jokingly asked, "Is it hard?" and Niki joked back, "Yes, it is hard." As with Janice and Niki competing with each other for a necomer award, Niki praised Janice, "Janice is pretty and has a sweet voice so I totally support her."

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