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Friday, December 02, 2005

Niki Questioned Over a Suspicious White Substance at the Checkpoint Once

Niki Chow attended a “Good Customer Service Award for Civil Servants Nite” rehearsal yesterday afternoon. It turns out that Niki has several members of the family working as a civil servant, and when she was younger , she thought she would also follow suit. However, due to her ill health when she was younger, she could not meet the entry qualifications, and she had to change her plans.

As an actress now, is she given any special treatment as she crosses the border at the Customs Checkpoint? She said that she was just like anyone, and that she did not receive any special treatment. However, she does not normally get her bags checked with the sole exception being the one time at a Thai airport. The male customs officer also upturned the contents of her luggage, causing her lingerie to fall out, which caused Niki much embarrassment.

Niki also said that she is a Shanghainese, and once, she was visiting Shanghai with her parents, she bought flour back into Hong Kong (the flour was different). At the customs, they were questioned over the flour and after that time, she has stopped bringing flour back, just in case it gets mistaken as drugs!

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