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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Patricia Upstages Myolie at When Rules Turn Loose event

When Rules Turn Loose will air tonight after Life Made Simple, and Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan and Patricia Liu were at Causeway Bay to promote the show. As the temperature was around 11 – 12 degrees, Liza and Myolie were wrapped up to ward off the cold. However, Patricia Liu came in a top with a revealing neckline, which gaped quite a fair bit, causing the photographers to work overtime!

When asked about her dressing stealing the limelight from the show’s stars (she plays only a supporting role), she replied “I play Ah Jie’s oldest daughter in the show who has an extra-marital affair. My character is more open, and my dressing reflects that.” Asked if she was not afraid of the cold, she said that it was more important to look good, and that she had quite a high tolerance for cold. What did Ah Jie think of her dressing stealing the limelight, reporters asked. Patricia said that both Ah Jie and Har Yu complemented her on her dressing, saying that it was necessary look for a publicity event.

How did Myolie feel? She laughed and said that it was so cold that morning that she woke up with her limbs frozen. “My coat was bought in Italy, and at first, I was worried that the weather would not be cold enough to wear it.”

Myolie has just returned from her publicity trip in Malaysia and she was very pampered by the royal treatment she received, with at least 10 bodyguards when she attended public events. Talking about WRTL squaring off against ATV’s The Great Adventure, Myolie said that law shows generally did well, and hoped that it would be the same time round. WTRL would be Myolie’s 5th show this year, and she hoped that the audience would not tire of her.

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Takungpao, The Sun


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