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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Pitiful Side Of Leo Ku - Thin And Pale

Yesterday, Leo Ku successfully held an autograph session in Shaping and then left without any hassles. However, Leo did not go to his hotel for rest after the autograph session but went to the culture cinemas. When reporters found Leo at the cinemas, they requested to interview him. Leo laughed and answered the questions.

While in relaxing room, Leo appeared thin and pale. His body was covered with a thick orange jacket and a beanie, with only his face revealing from the bundles of clothing. This shows the pitiful side of Leo. Reporters started the interview by saying, “Bringing your girlfriend along is this hard?” Leo laughed at this and stated that he did not have a girlfriend. Leo revealed that one night. his mother had tried to force him into getting married. When asked when he will fulfil his mother’s wish, Leo said, “When I have time to date someone! I hope to fulfil my mother’s wish as soon as possible! But I just can’t at the moment.”
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