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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rain Li Reminisces Her Romantic Times With BF

Rain Li is currently busy preparing for her album to be released next year. Because of that, she is working hard on reminiscing her love relationships before. She even explained that her ex-boyfriend had rent a yacht and looked at the fireworks together, what a romantic night!

Rain expressed that the most unforgettable is holding hands with her first boyfriend, "At that time, I was still in school and the guy was a model. I remembered when he invited me for dinner, my heart suddenly felt chaotic and feeling helpless. When he held my hand, my heart was beating extremely fast." Even though Rain was with her boyfriend for a month, the love eventually faded out. But she said, "At first we are very happy together, but soon we realized that we don't really talk that much. Then we acted like we are just friends and it felt really harsh so we decided to break up."

As with the most unforgettable meeting, Rain reminisces that time when she went out to the sea with her boyfriend during New Year, "He especially had rent a yacht for me to go watch the fireworks out in the sea. Then he gave me a very special gift. With the comfortable sea breeze and the fireworks, it felt very romantic."

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