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Friday, December 09, 2005

Rain's A Hello Kitty Fan

Rain Li and Annie Lau attended a Hello Kitty watch event yesterday, and they each received a limited edition diamond watch costing close to $10,000. Her watch bore the serial number 111, and since her birthday was on 11 November, this was her lucky number.

Rain said that she was a big fan of Hello Kitty when she was young; she had close to 100 Hello Kitty stuffed toys. However, they got dusty being left in the open, and she donated them eventually to the Salvation Army. When asked if guys had given her Hello Kitty toys before, she said that when she was studying, a boy bunched 100 kitties together as a bouquet for her. She was stunned because she did not even like the boy.

When asked if her rumoured boyfriend had given her a Hello Kitty? She said that he had not even given her a birthday present, but she would not mind that lateness if he gave her a limited edition diamond watch.

[X] credit: Ellie @
Takungpao, Ming Pao Daily


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