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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Raymond, Ron, Myolie, and Sonija in Malaysia

Up Close and Personal With the Gorgeous and Handsome

Ron, Raymond, Myolie, and Sonija were surrounded by thousands of fans, fighting over the chance to be up close with them. The situation was out of control, but luckily, nothing serious has happened!

The function was scheduled for 7:30 PM, however, at around 6:00 PM, fans have started to arrive, an hour and a half later, fans have surrounded the entire area and stage.

Each one of Ron, Raymond, Myolie, and Sonija sang a song of their own (Myolie singing 1+1), however, Sonija's almost perfect performance led to rumors of her lip-singing!

When comparing to the causal outfits from the guys, Myolie and Sonija have purposely dress-up for the occasion, demonstrating the beauties of Miss Hong Kong!

Meeting so many excited fans, the lack of rest/sleep Sonija suggested that her sickness is long gone without much medication.

Facing the opportunity to play "Two Person Three Feet" with their idols, fans were doing their best to come out of top, the situation was almost out of control!

Both Ron and Myolie were very much into the game, leading the whole way, winning the chance to answer questions every time, on the other hand, the more reserved Raymond and wearing high-heels Sonija were being a little overshadowed.

Sonjia later on decided to remove her high heels to win some points back, however, when answering the question on her character's title in the 3D series, she somehow forgot, giving Ron the chance to win at the end.

TVB stars attended a function with fans, Myolie with the sexiest outfit of all, Sonija attended with a stomach upset and later turned into a feet-ache, the most popular couple Ron and Raymond, with female fans surrounding the function, got into a 'fight' when competing for the microphone during a game. At the end, the foursome ended the function with a song, and performed an earlier celebration to the birthday boy Raymond.

Sonija was busy filming her series earlier, and with all the promotions, she has gotten a stomach upset. She suggested feeling better about it, and put on a brave smile when during her song. Myolie also brought along her 1+1, putting her hair up, with a pink dress exposing her shoulders along a pair of while boots, an overall sexy look.

Besides singing, fans looked forward to the chance to be up close and personal with idols, at the end, all female fans were selected. It was a simple question and answer game, but the toughest part is to compete for the chance to answer with "Two Person Three Feet," Sonija was wearing high heels, and Raymond was more reserved, therefore, chances were given to Myolie and Ron, Sonija later on removed her high heels, and Raymond, under the pressure of the hosts, also got into the action. The funniest person must have been Ron, who suggested that even though others have quick feet, their hands won't be as fast as his, where he was able to reach the microphone the quickest. Later on, even when Raymond was able to get the microphone, Ron would laugh at the fact that he is able to provide with an answer quicker, fans were all laughing about his sense of humor.

After the autograph session, hosts and fans gave Raymond a little surprise, providing him with a birthday cake, Myolie, Sonija, and Ron provided him with flowers, celebrating his birthday. The entire audience sang Raymond the Happy Birthday song, and in return, Raymond wished to film more series for fans, and sing them more songs in the future.

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Malaysia Chinese News


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