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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Roger and Angela Sing As Thousand Fans Cheer Them

Last night Roger Kwok and Angela Tong attended a singing function in Shunde. When Roger was asked about his wedding with his girlfriend, he said, 'I'll think about it!' and 'I don't know!'

Roger, Angela, and others along with the Mr. Hong Kong went to Shunde for a singing night. Because the staff was afraid too many people will crowd the place, it was held at a skating rink. Therefore over a thousand fans could only see their idol on a large television at a long-distance range. Some people even shouted, 'I can't see!', causing the scene to be chaotic.

But they were lucky that everyone calmed down when Roger and Angela sang the Life Made Simple Themesong 'Thousand Whys'. Everyone was also shouting 'Ah Wong' and 'Ah Ho'. That caused Mathew Ko to say, "It is my first time seeing such a chaotic scene, television series are actually that popular!"

When Roger was asked when she will marry her girlfriend, he said, "I don't know, I'll think about it! I need to ask a physiognomist for a good date, but I'm going to be busy until mid 2006." Roger's series, Greed Mask, will be aired later on at a 10 o'clock time slot and was asked whether he is worried that it will affect the ratings. He said, "This series is about investigating and will give a new taste for young viewers."
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