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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ron Ng At His First EP Autograph Session

Ron will be spending Christmas with rumored girlfriend Niki Chow for a function. When asked what Christmas gift he will give Niki, he immediately went to another topic, "It is Lee San San's birthday so I will buy her a present. (Will you give one to Niki?) I will actually give gifts to everyone. If my company lets me have time to go out, I would actually have thoughts about it."

Also last night Ron attended his EP autograph session as a singer status so he was especially nervous. He laughed and said, "I already took care of my nails earlier. I had cut away all the dead skin and moisturized my hands so I don't have to embarass myself." There were 300 fans lining up for autographs and Ron's family were even there for support. Two of Ron's good friends were also there back up dancing for him. As with Yan Yi posting her own song online, Ron responded, "I found out about it from the newspapers. Her singing is okay and puts alot of heart into dancing, so of course I certainly welcome her to join the music industry!"

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