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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ron Ng Happy That Ella Koon Won An Award

Ron Ng, Yan Ng and Rosemary attended a digital entertainment function. Ron loves playing video games, especially when filming because it can be boring before getting into place. When asked if he was obsessed with playing video games, Ron said that he once spent 10 hours playing a video game without any rest. Ron said that he is a smart shopper and will ask people for their opinions on a video game before purchasing it.

Ron, who attended his first music award ceremony on Sunday night, was the recipient of the ‘Hit Karaoke Song Award’ but did not win any newcomer awards. Ron said that he is happy with what he won as it recognises his effort. When asked if he was confident in winning awards in the coming award ceremonies, Ron said that he became a singer not because of awards and because the other singers are so ‘powerful’, he is happy that he is able to participate at such events.

On Sunday night, the organisers made Ron and his rumoured girlfriend, Ella Koon, be on stage at the same time, was he embarrassed? Ron said that he did not feel anything because Ella was on stage and that it is normal for Ella to be on stage as she is a singer. Ron is happy that Ella received an award because she has worked hard. When asked how he spent Christmas, Ron said that he bought a new mobile phone for himself and spent a five figure number on presents for his colleagues. After entering the entertainment circle, Ron is use to spending Christmas at work. When he was a dancer, he finished work at 11:45pm and had to rush home to spend the last few minutes of Christmas with his family.

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