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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ron Ng Hopes To Cooperate With Yan Yi Again

Yan Yi Cheng had caused major complaints when she kissed Ron on the cheek on TVB's Children Songs Awards. It was said that it was because of popular indignation, and said that Ron should slap Yan Yi. Ron was at a Christmas function yesterday and greatly supports Yan Yi.

Ron says, "Yan Yi kisses me and I should just slap her? No. (Feel bad for her?) Yes. After slimming down, Yan Yi is quite a pretty girl. She is just a little girl, just leave her a lone!" It was said that after the kids song awards, Yan Yi has written a song for Ron to listen. Ron says, "She told me to give her advice and of course I do not dare. But I think she has talent and her singing and dancing is also good. (Do you want to cooperate with her again?) Yes, I think I have quite chemistry with Yan Yi. In the dance in the award show, there was a part where I am to hold her waist, but Lydia was looking at us. I can't act too 'crazily', but Yan Yi actually took my hand and placed it on her waist, very professional!"

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