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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ron Ng & Niki Chow - Christmas Myths Of 2005

Right when Hong Kong thought myths have died, Ron Ng and Niki Chow has produced myths in 2005. Both of them came from being a dancer and model to winning awards and good ratings series. Then this year, they even entered the music industry and produced albums. Both of them have become 'rare' entertainers.

Niki: Working hard in realizing fantasy.
Niki didn't believe in myths, but when everyone knew that no one has been to the moon, everyone thought going to the moon was a myth, therefore nothing is impossible. Niki, "Myth is fantasy, but there is nothing that is impossible on earth. If you work hard, then alot will happen. My success in the showbiz all came from everyone's support. My company staff really take cares of me and helps me. One's hard work has limits to it, so I am very happy to have my family's support also. Life is not perfect; Taking in people's advice is the best. I am very satisfied even if I just improve everyday."

Niki's attitude has also been 'showbiz like' ever since little, but one must have fustrating times. "It's good to have many friends that enlightens me. When I was filming for The Gentle Crackdown, I had alot of pressure. Even though I know I can do it, sometimes my physical strength just can't support it anymore. I tell myself that I have to improve. Some celebrities just become popular once they made their debut, but I'd rather take it one step at a time. If I suddenly have such great success, I believe it will then start to fade away. Success if caused by many factors, and not just produced by one person."

Ron: Let fiction become reality.
To Ron, the word myth is like talking about fictional stories. This year, alot of people should think that Ron is a 'myth' in the showbiz because regardless of series or the music industry, he still stands strong. But Ron said, "I do not have the status yet to describe myself using 'myth'. Plus, I am still very far from that status." Thinking back, Ron has been in the showbiz for 4, 5 years already and as a dancer for 2 years. Ron began to get chances to film in series, leading him to fame and fortune. This year, he also has the chance to release an album, developing in both ways. "It's not that long ago that I've entered the showbiz. My development this year is considered fast because many people recognized me by one series."

The male celebrities that came out with Ron is still sticking to acting right now. Getting the chance to release an album, is he faster than anyone else? Ron said seriously, "You can say yes. But dealing with promoting the album and filming, it really is very busy, but I don't think it is difficult!" This Christmas should be a happy one for Ron because he had recieved a very satisfying present. "It's because I've released a satisfying album!" What is Ron's ideal Christmas? "I would love to just chat and eat with friends at home."

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