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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ron Ng Sneaks A Peek At Ella Koon

Rumored couple Ron Ng and Ella Kon was at a function together yesterday. Even though both of them seemed to avoid each other, Ron seemed to have stole a look at Ella in the end.

Yesterday Ella and a bunch of newcomers like Ivana Wong, Soler, Ron Ng, Eugene Yip, and Kenny Kwan was at a voting function where they chose their favorite newcomer. In the end, Ella voted for Soler and Ron voted for Ivana, but both of them wrote the singers' names wrong. At times, they also purposely stood away from each other and avoiding eye contact. But it seemed like Ron couldn't hold it back and stole a look at Ella. When Ivana won the votes at the end, she didn't hug Ron, causing people to think that Ivana is scared that Ella would be jealous. When the reporters wanted a picture of both Ron and Ella, they first tried to avoid it. But in the end, Ron pulled Ella by himself. After the photo, Ella quickly walked away.

Ron is afraid that there will be more rumors so he didn't vote for Ella, but has greeted each other backstage. When Soler said that they know who Ella's boyfriend is, she yelled out loud, "They have mistaken, don't listen to Soler! They have just read the newspapers too much." When Ella was asked whether she will buy Ron's album, she said, "I would, I support everyone. It will also be good if he gives me a copy."

Soler was asked about Ella voting for them and they said, "We are good friends with Ella. (Is her boyfriend here?) No. (Do you know who it is?) The one that stood in front of me. (What's his name?) I don't know."

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