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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ron Ng Wants Niki Chow To Be in His MV?

Yesterday Niki Chow and rumored boyfriend Ron Ng participated in a radio interview and seemed to be 'flirting' with each other. As with Ron not being able to particpate in the newcomer categories for the upcoming music awards ceremony, Niki said, "Why don't I make a trophy out of wax for you."

Ron's first album will be released on December 13, but won't be able to participate in the newcomers catergory in the awards ceremony at the end of the year. Ron said, "This is for my interest. If I can't make it this year, then next year!"

Ron has not yet filmed his music video for his new song and was asked whether he would invite Niki as the female role. Niki interrupted and said, "He didn't invite me ...." Then Ron laughed and said, "You have to dance, are you willing to? But you are of course my first choice!" Ron explained that recently he is busy doing breathing exercises, he said, "I've been going out for walks with my dog these few days to practice my voice." Niki reminded him, "It's not good to run at night, it's better in the day time!" This time Ron's will promote 2,005 copies of his limited album. He hopes that the album sales will be good and if so, he will invite Niki to eat hot pot.

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