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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ron Ng X'mas Interview

Ron Ng has caught up with the tail bus, promoted his first EP (limited edition) before 2005 was over. Ron sees the future brightly, and feels very excited. However, on the same bus (refering to music industry), there are a lot of new and talented singers. To be an unique artist, except luck, also needs to work really hard. This year, Ron will spend his Christmas at work, it's a pity, however, he wishes everyone will have a great time, and sends a message to everyone: "don't loose virginity!"

During the interview, Ron was taking pictures with the Santa Claus, which reveals his childhood identity. Ron speaks frankly about his childhood, that he likes Christmas a lot. He also has lots of unforgettable Christmases. "During my sixth grade, my friends and I went to fishing, everyone fishes the shrimp, the crab in the fish pond. It was really fun. When I was 10, I spend the Christmas at a bar, everybody spurts the snow, and I was spurted by so many people, my whole body was covered with snow. All the taxi drivers refuse to drive me! Of course, I have my revenge, I spurts my signature on my friend's car. When I am older, I didn't play as crazy, these 2 or 3 years, I just go to friends' house to meet and chat."

Don't Host Drug Party
Ron was asked if he ever loose his virginity during Christmas, Ron said without hesitation: "NEVER! I am very conservatice. I heard a lot of saying about Christmas Eve is a night to loose virginity." Ron didn't think so, he advise politely to the young people: "The Christmas is possibly a happy night, but the young girls need to be careful, don't host any drug party, or talk with strangers. Don't accept drinks from strangers."

The Unhappy Christmas Memories
Actually, Ron also has some unhappy Christmas moments, he says: "I have many of those. Four or five years ago, when I was still a dancer. Don't have girlfriend, and was worrying that the company will not renew my contract. There are lots of unhappy times during work, a lot of work I can not control. However, I won't tell my feelings to any friend." This year, during Christmas, Ron also has to work, however, he knows how to console himself, "make a wish, hopefully the CD I am releasing during January will have a good sale! I am planning to buy a nice watch to reward myself, because I like to collect watch."

After Ron steps into the musical industry, lots of rumors were around, he got rumors saying that he was depended on Alan Tam. Also rumors saying that he can not dance. Facing all the criticism, Ron said, "Alan Tam and I were just friends, he looks after the new artists, he asked me to send him my CD and he is willing to give me opinions." Ron's new EP were sold out recently, and was also valued really high, which proves Ron's charm. In order to success, Ron was training really hard on his dance techniques, and prepare to perform at the Christmas Eve party.

New Dance King
Many new stars are very concerned about the year-end results of their work. Ron actually holds the optimistic manner: "Awards? If I can't get any this year, I will try again next year. The truth is, I released my EP this year was a promise I made to my fans." However, Ron also cares about his CD sales, he said: "During January of next year, I will have another CD out, I want to be unique and be a new generation of dance king, the type of artist, like Aaron Kwok, Jordan Chan, EO2, Grasshopppers."

Wants to Have Ron Ng Movie

Thinking back about this year's work, Ron was satisfied. "This year, my series Revolving Doors of Vegeance, Lost in the Chamber of Love, The Academy were aired, also have a movie Moments of Love, and then released a EP. The results were not bad. Hopefully, next year can film more series, and have a real Ron Ng movie."

[X] credit: TVB Square
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