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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ron Put On Hand Cream For His First Signing Activity

Ron Ng attended a function last night and was late for 2 hours, he explained that because he had to finish a program and there was traffic jam along the way. When being asked whether he had present any Christmas present to Niki, he skipped the topic and said that Le San San’s birthday was coming soon and he was going to give her a present. Then, he was asked again would he give Christmas present to Niki, he said that he would give to everybody.

Besides, Ron Ng was having his first signing activity yesterday, and had attracted 300 plus fans to queue up for it. He said that he had groomed his nails and put on hand cream as well. When asked to comment on Yanyee (she uplodoaded her songs to the internet), Ron said that her singing and dance were OK. Then he was asked whether he would welcome her to join the entertainment line, he said that he would definitely welcome her to join.

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