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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ron Will Celebrate Xmas With Niki And Grasshoppers

Ron Ng has recently released his first album, The Fast Pass, and the responds were good. Ron expressed that when he was recording earlier, his throat didn't feel good. Therefore he took his friends' advice and drank honey and has fully healed. Recently he is busy practicing dances for his new song 'Ms Hermes' and sure needs the best dancers around.

When asked what he would do for Christmas, he said, "I will go to Jianshazui to countdown with Grasshoppers and Niki Chow. It will be the first time dancing and singing in front of thousands of people, so I am very nervous." Therefore he will be on the same stage as Niki and was asked if he's worried that there's going to be more rumors, he said, "I'm not worried. We are just colleagues."

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