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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ron's Unforgettable Christmas Presents

Ron Ng was at a shopping center attending a Christmas event yesterday, attracting a huge horde of fans. He said that he had bought Christmas gifts for his family and close friends. Of course the reporters seized the chance to ask if he had bought a gift for his rumoured girlfriends, Ella Koon and Niki Chow.

To that, Ron replied that he had not. When asked if he was saying that in order to prevent more rumours from spreading about them, he replied, “well, we don’t really have an opportunity to meet up. If I do meet up with friends, I will normally bring a gift. This year, I’ve spent a five-digit figure on gifts including those for my colleagues at the record company and my choreographer!”

Ron’s Christmas was especially sweet this year; he had won a prize for the Hottest Karaoke Tune 「新城勁爆卡拉OK歌曲獎」 at a music awards ceremony last night. “This is my most unforgettable Christmas present to date. There were so many veteran singers watching me performing my winning song on stage,” he said.

He was so nervous upon hearing that he had won the award that he forgot to thank his fans during his acceptance speech. Luckily, he was able to make up for the omission later successfully!

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The Sun
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