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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rumoured Couples On Stage Recieving Awards

At the Metro Hit Award Ceremony held on Sunday, many rumoured couples were sighted. Alex Fong, Ronald Cheng and Twins were on the same stage receiving awards. On stage, Ronald shook hands with his rumoured girlfriend, Charlene. However, Alex did not shake hands with his rumoured girlfriend, Gillian. At the after party, Alex said, “When I was in the restrooms doing my business, I was suddenly called upon to go on stage. So without washing my hands, I rushed out. I did not shake hands with Twins. But I could not reject Ronald’s request to shake hands.”

Twins expressed that they were unpleased with the sudden change in organisation, deliberately making them go on stage with Alex and Ronald. They said, “We did not know about it beforehand. We are not happy because they did it on purpose. At other ceremonies, we will not tell the organisers not to do it, but we hope they will not do this anymore.”

On the other hand, Gillian commented on how sweaty Ronald’s hand was. Charlene then said, “Shaking hands is manners!” When talking about Alex not washing his hands, Charlene laughed but Gillian said, “Why did he not wash his hands. Washing your hands is hygienic."

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