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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sammul's Shocking Love Letter From A Fan

Sammul Chan has been busy filming 'Bar Benders' recently, and he even had to work over Christmas. However, he received two memorable gifts this Christmas. The first was very touching, while the second was extremely shocking.

The first was a gift from his Bar Benders director. As he had never received a gift from his director before, the feeling upon opening the present was priceless. The second was a love letter he received from a Mainland fan. He was shocked when he came across the letter. The entire envelop was in red, and it also enclosed a bloodstained tissue. He was so shocked that he threw the letter away. The fan has expressed her wish that Sammul treat her as thoughtfully as he did to Myolie in When Rules Turn Loose.

Sammul had been romantically linked with Myolie before, and now that Myolie and Bosco were supposedly dating, the reporters asked Sammul jokingly if he minded Myolie being “snatched” from him? He laughed and said that since they had never been in a relationship, the term “snatch” would not apply. However, he also said that Bosco’s tactic of sending 600 SMSes to woo the lady was too tough to beat!

When asked if he would use the same tactic himself, Sammul replied honestly that he wouldn’t, because he finds it too much of a hassle to send so many SMSes. One or two SMSes a day was ok, he said, but he said that everyone treated their other halves differently. So does he believe that the Boscolie romance is true? He noted with amusement that that the magazine report (the one that broke the news about the 600 SMSes) had bothered to check up Myolie’s number in order to make their claim, so he feels that the report might have some truth to it!

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