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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sharon Explains That She is 'Close' With Raymond

Recently there has been rumors about Sharon Chan and Raymond. After entering the showbiz, Sharon hasn't gotten many rumors, but currently she has been linked with Raymond Lam. She responded, "I am actually very close with Raymond because we've worked together before and I would see him everyday, plus we have the same manager. He already treats me as a little sister, but he should be treating me like a little brother instead because he has never treated me like a girl. Maybe because my personality is like a boy, alot of friends look after me like a boy. I'm already used to it."

Sharon has been working hard for 'Keung Gim Gong Woo' and has recently twisted her hip. Even though work is difficult, she still hopes to be a fighter girl. She said, "Of course it's much more comfortable acting as a pretty girl like in The Charm Beneath but after you fight alot in the series, you would feel that you are very cool when fighting. It's totally worth it."
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