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Friday, December 02, 2005

Since Love Bond ended its run, the rumours between Moses Chan and Bernice Liu have died down somewhat. However, recently, the two have filmed a commercial as a couple, and also attended an event for a shop dressed as a couple. Besides shooting loving looks at one another, they also popped champagne to celebrate. It looks like Moses and Bernice have decided to jump onto the “couple” bandwagon and to milk the mileage for all it is worth.

The two have worked together as a couple for several functions, but this was their first time filming a commercial together, and Moses said that he was happy with the job. (Are you especially happy filming together with Bernice?) “Well, I ‘m happy that I can earn money!” (It seems that the company is creating more chances for the two of you to work together) “Ha, ha. The company is giving me more chances to earn money. But everything’s planned by the company.” Bernice, who was sitting next to Moses, just smiled, contented to let him be their spokesperson for that evening.

In the commercial, the two were very comfortable together, almost like a couple. Moses smiled and replied that the commercial was shot by a foreign photographer, and he himself liked the photos very much.

With Christmas approaching, both would be busy with their own projects. Bernice said that she had always liked Christmas, but this year she would be working, and she would have no time to spend Christmas with anyone.

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