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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stephy: Eating No Meat Keeps You Healthier

In the past years, female celebrities are keeping their thin healthy figures, and Stephy Tang who doesn't really like to eat meat, joined the group also. She also joked that she has to make a clear distinction between her friends that eats meat!

Females are born to want to be pretty even risking their lives. Some people eat healthy food and some use machines to help them lose weight, Stephy was once refered to as fat, but looking at her body, she seems to be more of the standard type; therefore she has not used any machines to help her lose weight. But lately she is caught up with just eating vegetables and no meat. She believes that it helps the digestive system and keeps you healthy.

Stephy had no intention of eating only vegetables, she said, "Around 2 months ago, I had a sudden urge to eat it, and it was successful! Eating no meat actually works so I continued on! I usually don't liket o eat meat and only eat vegetables and tofu, so it's not a big difference for me!"

Alot of Stephy's friends are carnivores so she joked that when they have hot pot together, she must seperate the food! She said, "Ater not eating meat for a while, I feel like I'm more clean and healthier than before. My skin also became alot smoother so I am very pelased!" Stephy believes that eating vegetables keeps you healthy and it also has alot of varieties and combinations.

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