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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tavia Yeung's Handcraft Store Officially Opens

Tavia Yeung's new business stored officially opened yesterday and many good friends in the showbiz were there to support. Ex-rumored boyfriend Ron Ng, Timmy Hung, and others were also there to congratulate her. First time being a manager, Tavia was 'flying' all over the place to welcome the customers. She said, "It is my first place investing a 6 figure amount for business. I don't know anything so all the handcrafts were taken care of by my sister and mom."

As with Ron, he actually wanted to start a business, he said, "I really want to open a hair salon. Even though I've thought of being a hairstylist, I don't really know how to communicate with someone." Moreover, his first album will be released the day after tomorrow.

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