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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Toby Fights For An Award With Good Friend Janice

2005 has been filled with successful newcomers including Janice, Justin, and Ivana Wong that had high album sales. After LIB went their seperate ways, Toby is fighting for the newcomer award along with everyone else. Toby says that she has no pressure, "I am very happy that I am able to be in this music industry this year. We are actually not fighting as intense as you think. I am very good friends with alot of the newcomers like Janice and Charles. I'm even more close to them since I knew them before I entered the showbiz."

Toby also said that awards are not important to her and doesn't like to compete with others, "I don't think getting an award is the most important. It's a bonus and plus I don't like to compete. I think everyone has their own style and direction. I am very happy to see others and we are very close friends. Sometimes we would give advices to each other as well."

Even though she doesn't like to compete, Toby believes that composing music as a singer is superior, therefore she is working hard to learn how to compose music, "Even though I don't know how to compose music, I will still go learn it. I've learned piano when I was little and now I want to try to compose music. I think it's okay if you don't know. The most important is that you are willing to learn. It proves that I am willing to work hard and learn."

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